ONLINE Antenatal Course & Birth Preparation 

Welcome to Mumborneveryminute's Online Antenatal course and Birth Preparation. are pregnant! Is your mind going a million miles an hour?

You’ve likely spent hour after hour researching which buggy to buy, the best cot to get. Have you scrolled through many websites looking at baby outfits? And now you realise you've barely even thought about researching what your birth might look like! Not a problem... thats why you are here.

Sure, you’ve got a good idea. You have likely seen things on TV. You've likely heard about your Aunties, neighbours, best friends and colleagues births. You've possibly had a previous birthing experience yourself. Am I fair in saying after all of this the main things you want to feel is calm, in control, informed and supported? We all do.

So how do you make that happen?

Well look no further. In Mumborneveryminutes online Birth Preparation course you will go away feeling informed. You won’t just learn what an epidural is, how an induction works, when instrumental birth might be offered.

This course -in the comfort of your own home- will be a chance for you to gain information on aspects of birth you've maybe not even thought about. It will inform you with a mixture of evidence based guidance, Midwifery experience, Hypnobirthing training and Mindfulness techniques to give you the tools in how to make ANY birth experience truly positive.