Birthing Stories


Sharing and reading positive birth stories helps expecting Mothers to gain knowledge, choice and empowerment for their own experiences. 


Jens Birth Story 

I had the most wonderful labour no joke!!

I was booked in for getting induced and dreading the prospect as I had a really rough time getting induced with Autumn. However... at 41 and 2 weeks around 10:30pm I started feeling some cramps. I wasn’t sure if it was the real deal so I went for a bath and tried to relax. At around 12ish I thought I recon this is it as these cramps are around 5/6 minutes apart. They weren’t too painful though so I still wasn’t sure but I said to Ryan let’s take Autumn to your mum’s. Well we didn’t make it as the contractions were now 3 mins apart so we had to just drop her at my sis in laws and head to the hospital. By the time we got there and I was examined I was 5 cm and it’s was almost 1am. When my waters broke I felt the contractions coming really strongly and I really focused on my breathing. I was able to get in to the pool at this point and I gave birth an hour later at 2:11. Just some gas and air and breathing and I birthed her myself! The midwife barely intervened. It was honestly incredible. I felt really calm and in control and capable and I can’t thank you enough for your advice and help during my pregnancy

She was 8pounds exactly. Her name is Eliza and she is an absolute darling.  




Helen's Birth Story 

This is was my 4th child, I dabbled a little hypno birthing with baby 3, but only towards the end so didn’t have too much time to learn. Katy taught me the basics (breathing techniques!) which really really helped during labour. (Ask katy about the 12 point breathing!!!).

I suffer with depression and anxiety, which becomes a lot worse during pregnancy. Katy taught me a lot about anxiety and how to manage it and she completely changed my mindset even beyond pregnancy. The course katy taught helped me to believe in my body and my abilities and to embrace when things go wrong. 
I went in to labour around tea time, I had gotten upset as my mum had to leave, and I had told her this baby will come today. I felt more in tune with my body. I breathed through my contractions and and kept mobile, rocking and repeating positive statements. Between contractions   I still managed to keep calm and care for my other children (even doing house work!!) as my contractions got more intense I ran myself a bath which helped relax me some more. I felt calm, powerful and in control. We decided to head to the birth unit and called in advance so they could run the pool. The car journey was the worst part as I was restricted and uncomfortable! Once we arrived at the unit the midwives had turned all the light down, put a diffuser on for me and let me connect my phone to the stereo so I could choose my music. The midwife attempted to check my cervix but it was tucked too far back. So I requested minimal intervention. I then got into the pool, my contractions had slowed because of the car journey but I knew I just needed to get back into my zone which katy had taught me. The contractions came closer together and I still remained calm, even to the point the midwife had thought my labour had nearly completely stopped. I found lying in the pool with my shoulders and arms over the edge most comfortable. As I went into the pushing stage I got pains in my lower back, which my husband rubbed through contractions, he also knew, with the help of katy, to remind me I could do it and I was in control. The midwife came in and sat at the side of the pool with a mirror so she could see when the head was coming. I made low “out” sounds and out came his bed. With some more breathing and another “out” Alfred was born quiet, calmly and back to back in the pool. I reached down and brought him up. It was a beautiful moment. He was born into the perfect quiet atmosphere. We then moved over to the bed and had our first feed. 
Katy completely smashes the conventions we’re taught about giving birth in hospital. You are in control, it doesn’t need to be bright lights and noise and intervention, it can be calm and peaceful. Katy prepared next for any eventuality and taught me how to embrace the present. 



Toni's Birth Story

I write this now with my baby asleep across my lap, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. However, when I used to think about becoming pregnant and trying for a baby I was filled with severe anxiety, doubt and numerous horror stories. 

For years I have struggled with a phobia of hospital environments and needles. To the point of fainting at pretty much every appointment. I couldn’t ever shift my mind frame. 

I knew when I found out I was pregnant I had to do something to help myself. I had to do something to ease my mind, believe in myself and create a positive head space. Not only for myself but for my baby. 

I truly believe knowledge is power. Knowing what your body can and will do for you makes such a difference! 

I had heard of hypnobirthing through a friend. She only spoke positive about her birth experience. I thought wow I need that! I need my mind to be clear, focused and positive like hers! I did often wonder “maybe she is stronger than me, she doesn’t mind needles, she’s not bothered about hospitals.” 

At that point I knew hypnobirthing was for me. I had to try it! I can truly say this from the bottom of my heart, it saved me! Hypnobirthing allowed me to be in a great head space, not only when I was in labour but throughout my whole pregnancy. I would listen to my MP3s each day running up to my labour. 
I fell in love with feeling positive, I loved learning about my body. I started to feel in control. My biggest fear was having no voice and loosing control but every decision made was my own.

Thursday 9th October 11.15pm my life started to change. I woke up with abdominal pain. I wasn’t sure what was happening. I kept questioning “am I in labour”
The pain was coming stronger and stronger so I ran a bath to ease my tummy. I kept saying to my partner “Either the baby is coming or I have extreme wind”

My partner decided to start a diary on my behaviour as we couldn’t work out if they were surges as I felt no rest! After 45 mins in the bath he rang up the pregnant assessment unit where the lady advised us to stay at home and still make a note for another hour. If it continued to make our way to hospital. 

I knew something was happening when I didn’t feel anything ease from the bath, I was now a prune having surges!

We decided it was time to put my tens machine on, I lay on all 4s on the floor with windows open and wind bellowing in, just breathing in the fresh air nice and slowly  (god bless any on lookers) I started to get myself into a positive place as I knew this was it now and there was no going back! 

We stayed at home until 1.30am then decided it was definitely time to go as once I made myself to the kitchen (back on all 4s) I said “I could push” You can only imagine the panicked look on my partners face! 

Lots of speed limits were broken on the journey into hospital...Once we arrived into the PAU the midwife said she would examine me and see what was going on. I can always remember her shocked face as she said “ok you are 5cm, we need to fill the pool!” 

I had given the midwife my birth preferences and she left to prepare the room. I lay on a bed in the PAU with bright lights shining trying to remain calm with my tens on maximum by now.

After a short while the midwife said our room was prepared, I walked down into this room. I remember walking in and feeling so relaxed, all of my requests had been respected. Calm music was playing, twinkle lights were on. 

The pool was amazing, so warm and relaxing. I had gas and air throughout.

I focused on my breathing throughout and just kept thinking my baby was working with me. I kept myself calm by telling myself I had it under control. 

The midwife did regular checks then told me she could see the head! This was it!!!! I got a surge of excitement through my body! 

12 minutes later. 5.13am Joshua James was welcomed into the world, my partner revealed the sex to me as my baby was placed in my arms for the first time. 

The best day of my life, and I would do it all again in a heart beat.

Our bodies are made to do this. Knowledge is power and hypnobirthing is your power to a positive birth experience.