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About me and Mumborneveryminute...

My name is Katy. I am a busy Mum of 3, a Military Wife, and a qualified Nurse and a Midwife.

I qualified as a registered Nurse in 2008 and following a career in the Royal Air Force as a Nurse I followed my dream and became a registered Midwife in 2014. I have volunteered in Malawi, Africa and gained unforgettable experience in Maternity care. This experience makes me so appreciative of the wonderful Maternity care that we have in the United Kingdom. Following qualifying I worked in a Midwifery Unit in Scotland.

I have completed my Hypnobirthing Diploma with Katherine Greeves Hypnobirthing.

Over the years as a Midwife I have noticed the positive effect that Hypnobirthing has on women in having a relaxed pregnancy and positive birth experience. Whether their birth is cared for by a Midwife or a Consultant, whether it is an emergency or a calm environment, a cesarian or a pool birth the importance is how the woman views her experience, seeing it with positivity. 

This is why I started Mumborneveryminute, to give women the opportunity to gain the tools to provide herself with relaxation, hypnobirthing and preperation through practice, to gain a positive a relaxed mind set for pregnancy and birth.

I realised that Hypnobirthing isn't for everyone which is why I created the Birth Preparartion Course. This course is all online via videos. The main idea of this is to allow women the opportunity to dip in and out of their antenatal education in the comfort of their own home.  

  I have also qualified as a Baby massage instructor with Hands on Babies. This course is currently online so that despite the current social distancing challenges, new parents won't miss out on the wonderful benefits of baby massage.  I personally did baby massage with all  3 of my children, more than anything it allowed that bond and connection from day 1. The benefits truly are amazing. 


It felt right to create Mumborneveryminute and  join all 3 of my passions in

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond to Motherhood,

using my experience, knowledge and love to help and 

Empower, Guide and Support women. 



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