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HOW TO ACCESS THE COURSE: Please see your email confirmation for a link to the Online Birth Preparation videos page. If you are having issues finding the link, please use the Contact Us page.

A full antenatal course to assist you in being prepared for you birth. 

Over 30 videos for you to watch as many times as you want and at times that suit you. I cover a wide range of topics to help prepare for your birth. Including breathing techniques, pain relief options and even a guide for your birthing partner. 

Whatever birth you are hoping for, this is the course for you. 

Over 30 informative but very relaxed videos that you can watch whenever you want and as many times as you want. 

Hospital bag checklist.

Positive birthing affirmations.

Birth Plan guidance. 

Pregnancy Relaxation Audios. 


You can watch these videos over and over again. 

They are short videos so even if you are close to your estimated due date, these videos are great to watch. 

My Midwifery and Nursing experience assists me in giving you a full antenatal course filled with evidence based knowledge, experience from working within the NHS and a friendly approach to help you understand the reality of birth clearly. Give your self the opportunity to be prepared for your labour and birth.

You might have a natural birth in a hospital, at home, in a pool, a caesarean or an induction. This course covers it all. 

In this course I don’t shy away from the realities of childbirth. I give you the support, the guidance, the tools, the information and the confidence to empower you to make whatever birth you have right for you and your baby a truly positive one.


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The mum born every minute online anti natal course was so beneficial during the last stages of my pregnancy. Katy’s laid back and thorough approach really helped me to understand the different stages and plan ahead. The relaxation recordings were the perfect escapism from an active bouncing four year old during lockdown; I was really able to take time for myself and connect with my bump. I watched the videos right up to the morning of my first contractions. Listening to Katy helped to keep me in control and feel confident to use of the breathing techniques. Instead of feeling panicked that the time was coming, watching the videos encouraged me to feel excited and prepared. My baby boy however had other ideas, he came speeding into the world, taking the rules of staying at home very seriously and was delivered by my husband on our landing with the paramedics arriving one minute after he was born. This was not the birth I would of planned and fear certainly did kick in, but using the breathing techniques and having the trust in my body (and husband) it was a wonderful experience and one we will never forget. Although I did not have the midwives at my side guiding me; during early contractions I did have the support of katy’s videos and her constant reminder to trust my body. I would definitely recommend mum born every minute whether it is your first, second or third child. Thank you Katy

I would highly recommend the online course for any pregnant ladies and their partners, especially in the present climate when accessing face to face birth preparation classes may not be possible. Katy's videos are very accessible and I have found it great to be able to dip in and out of them. She manages to give real, informative and practical advice and her extensive knowledge and positivity is conveyed throughout. This course has been absolutely invaluable to me. Although this is my 2nd time giving birth I have learned so much. I am feeling more informed, calm, confident and in control about giving birth. Thank you Katy!!

Katy is absolutely fab! Her videos are clear, informative, interesting and funny. They have reassured me about the various stages running up to delivery and have reminded me to trust my body, trust the system and trust the healthcare provider because all that matters is that mum and baby are safe throughout. Highly recommended!!

Katy is offering her birth preparation classes online and I can highly recommend them for any pregnant ladies and their partners looking for support, information and guidance about the wonderful but sometimes daunting world of pregnancy and birth. I would also think they will be particularly useful at the moment when access to face to face classes might be a challenge. I was lucky enough to have the chance to use Katy’s online resources and found them to be really informative. I loved the fact that the videos could be accessed at any time and we could take our time as parents-to-be to watch and discuss as a couple at home when it suited us. I’m now a very lucky mum to a gorgeous 4 week old boy and Katy’s course was invaluable in getting me prepared for the birth xx

I signed up for the online birth preparation course when pregnant with my second child. My first birth experience hadn't gone as I'd expected and so I wanted to be better prepared for my second. As a working mum to a toddler, I needed a course that would fit around my busy schedule and thought this online course would be perfect. I was able to learn from the comfort of my own home and at times that suited me. The information learned during the course was invaluable and as a result, I was very relaxed and confident during my birth experience, managing a pain relief free, all natural birth. I will forever be grateful to Katy and her online course for guiding me through my pregnancy to have a birth experience I will forever treasure.

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